Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Strawberry Jam

Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did.

Phew! Get togethers to attend, parties to throw, pre-christmas/new year shopping, goodies to wrap, gifts to give (and get) and to top it all home made cookies, fruit cakes, pudding and pie...not to mention savoury three to six course meals...and then the 'pressure' to look calm, composed and welcoming...we women manage it all with elan...don't we!

With no kids nor a job, I pretty much have the time in the world u must think...yes and no. I try and find new recipies and cook up as much as I can...blog,read,paint,play, etc..do all that I enjoy doing ...till I have the time, that is. :)
Here's a little something I thought the "busy queen bees" can do with...easy and quick recipes (my regular readers would notice that the past few posts here have been one-pot, no-fuss, no-bake stuff) that can double up as gifts too.

Quick Strawberry Jam

1 kg ripe strawberries
1/4 kg or less sugar
5 pieces of star anise


First, clean and roughly chop the strawberries.
In heavy bottomed deep pan, heat equal amounts of sugar and water. Throw in the star anise.
Add the strawberries and keep stirring on medium heat till all the mix is of a pulpy consistency.
Mash the strawberries with the stirring spoon while leaving a few chunks on. It gives a nice and rich fruitiness to the jam.
Once the jam is ready,pick out and discard the star anise.

Pack in pretty jars and store or gift.
Or, serve with scoops of vanilla ice-cream as dessert.

I gift this to Happy Cook (of My Kitchen Treasures)You can find inspirations here too. :)
And I share this lovely jam with Purva's Christmas Feast Event (of Purva's Daawat).


  1. navita...just checked ur blog...the no right click code is working fine...and am being able to click on the hyperlinks u have created....

    yes, the no text selection is not working....have sent u the code for it....use that (that same way as add a gadget-add html)...should work now...any problems....am just a scrap/mail away!

  2. hehe...thanxxxxxx.....yes yes yes....i could click on the hyperlinks....i checked quite a few of them....all of them r working fine......:-)

  3. can u "right click" on the hyperlinks...coz I can't! :(

  4. na...cant right click on the hyperlinks...but thats not a problem....coz u can left click on it na....so that means the links are working...its the same in my blog as well...

  5. Na re...I can right click on the hyper links, on ur blog. ??????!!!!

  6. arrey....tor blog e ja ache thats fine....right click deactivated ache...ota function korey page completely download hobar por...

  7. hey looks so yummy :)i dont add anise also :)

    and thanks for ur concern navitha :)

  8. This is the first strawberry jam recipe I've ever seen that asks for star anise! Sounds neat; I'll have to try it when our strawberries ripen in June. :)

  9. Ramya, we have to stand up for whats fair..so mention not . :)

    Teresa, yes the anise takes this jam to a whole new level. Try it.

  10. hehe thanks....tui nimki gulo baniye amake jana....ami adda marrtey pouchey jabo....lolzzz

  11. Wonderful gift idea! It looks delicious!
    Thanks for the Birthday wishes!

  12. Thankyou for sending these delicious and super fast jam to my event, they looks so beautiful and yumm.
    Wish i got a pot form one of my friends.

  13. I agree with the others, this is the first jam recipe I have seen that requires star anise, how fascinating....the jam looks awesome,loved the color :-)

  14. Yum what a terrific looking jam! I love my strawberry jam with chunky bits of berry in it :)

  15. Sure Arun, whenever u want to come..just let me know...I will make nimki.I mean it :)

    Jenn, ur welcome dear. Hope u had a great day.

    Happy Cook, it was all my pleasure.

    Thanks Usha, I loved the color too...all natural.

    Me too Y, I love the surprise in my mouth.

  16. What a great idea for roundabout no when strawberries are plentiful! :)

  17. Hi Navita. You have a lovely blog and I am glad to have met you through BloggerAid. You are right about strawberries, they are the best and I am jealous that it's your turn to have them now. We will have to wait until Spring to get them again. The use of anise in the jam sounds very interesting.

  18. He he he so true Lorraine.:)

    Ivy, the pleasure is all mine dear...and yes I love strawberries any time of the year.

  19. You made Jam making look so easy dear..even I prefer using star aniseed for many of my dishes, simply love its flavour and aroma...
    Thank you for the lovely entry for the event..

  20. So one more person who loves star anise. ;p

  21. I think I might try this jam soon :-) Nice blog :-)


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