Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spaghetti Americana

Pasta is the entrepreneur of the kitchen, using whatever ingredients are available, and turning them into a satisfying sauce. It offers endless variety: it can be straight or curly, fine or thick, fresh or dried. Pasta waits for our imaginations to burst, then rewards us.

I have tried the Spaghetti Americana several times at The Spaghetti House; and by now I think I have gotten the recipe in my head. When I eat any dish of our liking, my mind automatically goes into the "guess-the-ingredients mode". So after eating a couple of times at The Spaghetti House I decided to give the same dish a try at home.

I personally prefer the pasta over the they are a healthier choice comparitively (or so I would like to think)! ;p

Anyways healthy or not ...I am a pasta aficionado. If its pasta its got to be good.Made this recipe today for lunch. Easy and all vegetarian.Though my hubby doesn't share my passion for pasta, he still ate what I made (he had no other Needless to say it was yummy and almost as tasty as The Spaghetti House( if not better). I like it on the spicier (read 'hot') side without any parmigiano. So i tailor made it suit my palate...ahem.. "our" palate.

Spaghetti Americana

1/4 cup olive oil
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 whole packet spaghetti, linguini, or pasta of your choice
2 large plum tomatoes,peeled and chopped/pureed
1 teaspoons dried oregano
1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes (or to taste)
1/2 cup black cured Sicilian olives (you can use any olives you like)
1/4 cup drained capers (optional)
1/2 cup parsley, chopped
Salt to taste


First boil/cook the spaghetti la dente. (i.e. a little raw). Drain and keep aside.
In a wok, heat the olive oil. Sautee the miced garlic. Add the pureed tomatoes, olives. red pepper flakes and capers. Stir.
Now add the spaghetti and mix well. Finally, add the salt, parsley and oregano. Mix well.
Serve hot with cheesy garlic bread.

This goes to none other than Presto Pasta Nights, held by Ruth (of Once Upon a Feast) and co-hosted by C (of FoodieTots).

The wonderful monthly event that is a haven for pasta lovers' like yours truly.

N.B. The pic was taken in so much of a hurry that a few of them were blurred. Only the above turned out fine. I was sooo hungry and the spaghetti was steaming and calling out my name. :p


  1. I personally find that the more hurried the photo, the better tasting the dish...perhaps it's just me ;-)

    Yours looks awesome, thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. He he he true...or may be its just that I l-o-v-e spaghetti so

  3. You sound like my dh...he also immediately tries to guess what's in a dish when we go out to eat, and will often recreate it at home. :)

    We're big pasta fans, but we're also big pizza fans. I like to make my own dough and with a baking stone and a peel, it's fairly authentic.

  4. lol...ur dh must be an avid foodie too....
    as for pizza...when can i come over? :p

  5. Love spaghetti! Your Americana looks great:)

  6. Looks delicious! My husband hates capers and olives so I only get to have them in spaghetti when we go out. Thanks for submitting for Presto Pasta Nights!

  7. Thats me. Spicy red hot & without side cheese... I separate the kids' & then shake shake shake the red pepper flakes on ours:-)

    U guys are newly married! Still basking in the romance. Ebar nijeke besh thakuma thakuma monay hochey:-)

  8. Yippie another pasta lover Farida. :)

    Your welcome Colleen dear. Glad u liked it.The pleasure was all mine.

    Hey Soma, you make me blush! lol...

  9. Hi Navita... I'm glad you stopped by. Hope you can participate in the "Seven Fishes Feast!" I'll be back - Joe

  10. That's my favorite quick fix meal Spaghetti:)

  11. Sure Joe..will try no promise (as the last date is closing on):)

    Yasmeen, I share ur sentiment.

  12. Navita, your spaghetti looks wonderful. We'll be having this for lunch one day really soon.

  13. Sure Mary...then do tell me how it tasted.

  14. I have some capers at home so I must try this recipe, looks delicious...


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