Monday, December 8, 2008

Cooking with Alicia & Annie--Orange Slice Candy Cake

I am an Orange Girl...if I am cross,unhappy, sick, give me an orange and I will be fine. If I am cheery,funny and joyous, give me an orange and I will be happier than ever.
I love fruits..all of them. My mom calls up and says that she misses me, at times more so beacuse all the fruits stay lying in the bowl on the dining table. lol. Fruits used to vanish from our house if I was in the house. Now, that I am not there, no one really eats them (the way I did).
However, oranges have my favour...I adore these bright coloured fruits that pack such zing and freshness. Almost making a dull moment psychedelic.
I found this lovely recipie at Alicia's--Candy recipes. I tweaked it a little to suit my taste and also to accomodate what I already had in my kitchen. :)
Orange Slice Candy Cake-
1/2 cup margarine
1 cup granulated sugar (I used brown sugar)
2 large eggs
1/3 cup buttermilk
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cup flour ( I used whole wheat flour)
1/2 cup dates chopped ( I used chocolate chips instead)
1/3 cup candied orange
2 tbsp pecans, finely chopped (I used almonds instead)
a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice
In large mixing bowl cream the margarine and sugar. Add the eggs,1 at a time, whisking continuously. Add the buttermilk and baking soda, mix well. Add in the flour. Mix well. To this mixture add choco-chips(or dates), chopped almonds/pecans, and candied orange.
Batter will be thick and stiff.
Put into a greased pan. Bake for 45 mins. I microwaved for 8 minutes on medium high setting.
Optional-Mix together 1 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 cup orange juice and when cake is done pour orange juice and powdered sugar mixture over cake while it's hot.
(I skipped this , as I wanted to have just a hint of the orange flavour. The candy cake turned out to be denser, though still deliciously fresh.)
Also, instead of baking it as a whole I had baked it like cookies in batches as the dough was stiff. It worked just fine. :)


  1. very new and interesting recipe

  2. Yes it is and it is yum...I made my own orange candy...just use the orane peel and cook it in sugar syrup for a little time n bingo..candied peels are ready!


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