Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cooking with Alicia & Annie--Chocolate Chip Fudge (Brownie)

Fudge brownies are my favourite dessert....(although I don't want to rule out the other options of ice-cream, chocolate, cakes, panna cottas,puddings et al), if possible I would dig in ..and keep digging in my 'huge' plate of fudge brownie with vanilla ice-cream...a match made in heaven!!

I had one this weekend (when my sugar craving had hit again). Its Thursday today and I wanted to taste the chewiness and warm fudginess, all over again. So I made one, this time in my microwave.

Ooey, gooey & chewy Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies were calling my name!
Everyone loves a good old-fashioned brownie with a tall glass of cold milk. I am no different (except I can skip the milk) ;p. Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownies are so moist and chewy it is hard to resist just one...thats why I made a whole bowl...all for myself !

Here is my variation to the original recipe that I found at Annie's recipes.

Chocolate Chip Fudge Brownie

1 cup broken squares of unsweetened chocolate
1 cup margarine
2 1/2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1 tbsp vanilla
1/8 tsp salt
1 cup unbleached white flour
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


Melt the broken unsweetened chocolate and butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Do not burn. Remove from heat.
Using a wooden spoon or spatula, stir in sugar until well mixed.
Add eggs, vanilla and salt and beat well with a fork.
Fold in flour and mix just until smooth. Add the semi sweet chocolate chips to the batter.
Pour into a microwave safe bowl.
Bake at medium high setting for 5 minutes.

Top with vanilla ice-cream and serve while still warm.

I offer this to Cooking with Alicia and Annie's Dec. blog event.

This also goes to JZ (of Tasty Treat) who is hosting her very first event-Santa's Holiday Challenge.

If you are a beginner in terms of baking, this is an easy one-bowl recipe that will surely fetch you appreciation. I send this to Vandana (Cooking Up Something Nice)'s Baking For Beginners' event.

Also, this goes out to Susan (of Food Blogga) for her Eat Christmas Cookies event. You can see a variety of other christmas goodies here.

On my friend, Purva's request I send this to her Christmas Feast Event...its here for you Purva!

"Don't wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty."


  1. Hey Navita... this looks great!
    And about right click disabling on the blog, it tends to slow down the page loading time (making it difficult for reader to access the page) Hence a lot of them advised against it.
    You can find more info about this on Sangeeth's blog (which I linked to in my post).
    Hence the smack-in-the-middle copyright! :)

  2. All these desserts all around the place are driging me crazy! for once I wish that I am thankful that i am not near to anyone...Pretty one...

  3. Looks great! I personally feel this way about ice creams and puddings!

  4. I am always game for fudge brownies with vanilla icecream on top...yours looks delicious...Navita, there is an award waiting for you at my blog, please check it out :-)

  5. Mmmm, brownies! I make the one in the Mark Bittman book, How to Cook Everything, but I think I'll give yours a try next week.

  6. Yes Anu, I had seen Sangeeth's post. Somehow righ click disabling doesn't slow down too much (atleast for me and a few I know whi've done it). Anyways as long as the work is protected, whatever works is fine.

    He he he Soma....don't worry I am coming over with my

    Yeah Jenn, as I said ..we shudn't spoil the pleasure with the

    Yippeeee, thanks Usha for the award. :)

    Teresa me on this turns out great.I will check Mark Bittman's too.

  7. Wow.. I love warm brownies or fudge with vanilla any time.. Truly a match made in heaven :)

  8. Hey Uj and Andhra Flavours ...Guess we all love them :).

  9. love these brownies......looks so delicious!

  10. tui amar e moton....sharadin blog e boshe thakish....:-P

  11. Brownie looks yummy, even I posted one today...looks can sent this entry for Christmas Feast Event as well....

  12. Wow, I suddenly have a craving for CHOCOLATE!

  13. Hain recognizes the other.

    Purva, will check urs soon! YUM

    lol..Meeso I do , almost every single

    Susan...they do the same for me!:)


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