Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cheeky Chikoo Smoothie..for the Maman and Gourmand Smoothie/Shake Recipe Contest!

An excerpt from our life; the morning of April 28th 2009.

DH: “Hun I don’t want to have anything for breakfast…not feeling like it.”
Me: “ What…not again…I am not letting you go till you have breakfast…it’s the most important meal of the day.”
DH: “In that case just give me liquid breakfast…one of your fruit smoothies/milk shakes…you have chickoos in the fridge..right?!”

Well that is how the Sapodilla fruit smoothie came about. In my quest to provide wholesome nutrition (without tipping the balance) to ourselves,at breakfast. Here is my Cheeky Chikoo smoothie (pardon the pun). ;p

I am a fruit-person (from the dessert-first type category). If you are a regular reader ….you would know the concoctions I have made using fruits.
Try my Austrian Walnut-Strawberry Torte, or spoon out my Bluberry-Papaya Syllabub, or my prize winning Persimmon & Walnut Croquants Trifle, or the Dragon fruit brownie in true fusion style, the Berry Jam, or the more recent Alphonso milk name a few. I love fruits and I love having them plain as well as in innovative forms.

I added a little ground almonds to this smoothie to make it healthier and it imparts a beautiful nutty flavour to the drink. Since the chikoos were extremely sweet I did away with the sugar too. It’s a simple, no-hassle smoothie prepared in a jiffy.
(Ideal for working couples with/without kids, especially if their significant half/child doesn’t like the idea of having to ‘eat’ breakfasts.)

The fruit of the Sapodilla tree is called Chikoo /Sapota in India.
The use of ripe chikoo in our diet gives agility and freshness.
It activates the performances of intestines. It eliminates the excessive bile in the body.
Infact the Ayurveda has held this humble fruit in high opinion…just do a google search and you will know what I mean.
It is one of the few fruits that have edible skin. I just wash them and slice the ripe brown fruit. However I skip the skin when preparing my smoothie/shake.

Not many of us know that the latex extracted from the chikoo stem forms the base material for the chewing gum.

Cheeky-Chikoo Smoothie

2-3 ripe medium sized frozen chikoos/Sapodilla fruit, washed,peeled & de-seeded
1 ½ glasses skimmed milk, chilled
1-2 tbsp sugar (optional)
3 tbsp ground blanched almonds (which I keep ready in the fridge at all times)

In a blender puree the chikoo fruit with the ground almonds. Now add the milk with sugar, if using.
Blend on high and serve chilled.
This smoothie is pretty filling and a glassful only keeps you satiated till lunch.
Update: I have edited this post as a few friends wanted to vote for my drink for the contest. However thats not happening as I am not listed. Just a tiny glitch in the contest rules and my entry. No problems. Thanks all ..anyways!


  1. i just love love chickoo smoothie!!!

  2. Perfect for me you know I'm dessert man too :) A nice and healthy smoothie, I don't know if I can get the Sapota here..


  3. love chickoo milk shakes..nevr found chickoos here..this one looks good and tempting..

  4. I've never seen chikoos/Sapodilla fruit but this looks really goog.

  5. Soothing! I like the Ayurvedic info that you give. :-)

  6. Thats a fascianting recipe Navita..coz i love chikoos and you tempting me with the omittance of sugar..loved that too...real yummy..and this smoothie i would try soon..!!

  7. This looks so milky and delicious! I've never heard of a chikoo? It seems like it could be like a fig or maybe a date?

  8. I love the almonds here and the smoothie looks excellent but I have never tasted the chikoo fruit - is it something I can find in a regular grocery store?

  9. Sapota been age i have eaten :) Tasty smoothie

  10. I love chikoo shake...lovely addition of almonds..healthy and filling :)

  11. I love chikoo's its been a long time since i had them, I dont get them here anyways... Such a punching and a comforting drink... Wish I could grab the glass off the screne...

  12. I've never seen or eaten chikoo and now, of course, I'm curious to try!

  13. Yum..I love chikkoos in any form!!

    Hey, sorry I didn't respond to your query earlier...actually, just posted the round up and that's when I saw your comment.

    Sour cream is nothing but regular cream that I think is fermented. I added it to my frozen yogurt for the slight tang it gives. My guess is you could use thick cream in its place, just increase the amount of lime juice.

  14. I need to see if I can even find Chikoo in my part of the world.

    LOL @ your husband - he is like a little kid, isn't he? ;)

    Oh, I went over to vote for your drink, but I can't find the Cheeky Chikoo smoothie listed there.

  15. What an interesting smoothie. I've never heard of chikoo before.

  16. My all time fav.. everytime I use to go ABB the one thing the people knew tht I will order...yours looks so inviting

  17. Hi Navita, thanks for bringing me everything i've seen so far..sattu tarts: wayy cool!
    Your smoothie series are great, i too enjoy having them for breakfast. Chikoo smoothie : YUM!

  18. I've never tried this fruit before and not I am just itching to try it-- thank you for posting this.... everything looks wonderful, always.

  19. Thanks for stopping by earlier, love your blog too. You have many special recipes. I love smoothies too!!!


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