Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Foodies Face-Off....Blogger Aid....& Guacamole in Avacado skin.

"...the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise."
— David Fairchild

My parents-in-law are here and I have been treating them to my home made delicacies...infact as I write this my f-i-l is telling he needs a digestive as the narkel-chana daal I made was so good that he has had a lot for lunch...burp! Well thats that for playing a gracious hostess.

Here's a piece discovered while yours' truly was surfing widely on the web that has made everything possible in our world. This may or may not be true but it sure is a fun read. This is something every foodie would be interested in....

Amanda Hesser says this in her essay, "Foodies Face Off" first printed in the Times Magazine. In it, she and her then boyfriend and some other foodies meet at Craft right after it first opened. Though she doesn’t include a list, she makes some observations about foodies that may be universal:
1) Foodies bitch about everything, including the menu layout.
2) While other people when dining out try to avoid long silences at dinner, foodies are fine with them. After all, they need to concentrate when they’re memorizing the menu, scrutinizing an entree, and savoring the first bites of each course!
3) Foodies often drink alot. A drink list for the night that includes prosecco, reisling, gamay, barolo, grappa, and a bourbon may be an individual’s, not the table’s.
4) A table of foodies cannot overlap orders.
5) Even if the chef has created a dish that’s “supposed to entertain your palate from the first bite to the last,” expect to plate swap at a foodie dinner.
6) A table of foodies may make slightly obscene noises– moans, slurps, etc.– thorughout the course of a meal.
And last,
7) Non-foodie friends who dine with a table of foodies will be at various times throughout the meal angst ridden, embarassed by wonkiness, or incredibly bored.

Now something close to my heart......

I did the Blogger Bake Off first virtual effort at returning to the society in my own small way.

The next was when I joined Blogger Aid , a group I joined because we can help ! It is striving to support the World Food Programme of the United Nations'.

You can read more about it at Giz, Ivy or Val' s blogs. The wonderful persevering people behing Blogger Aid.

A widely popular food with a rich history, guacamole is used as a sauce, dip, accompaniment and salad by millions of Americans every day.The basic ingredients for guacamole, aside from the main star avocado, includes lime or lemon juice and salt. I like to mix it up more myself and have a guacamole dip my style...with a secret ingredient---the Spice of the Gods, playing with the original invention of The Aztecs.
I send this simple yet different Guacamole recipe of mine to the cookbook to be published in aid of initiative of Blogger Aid.
Book your copy today and spread the word!

How can I sign off without my signature.... Here's some fascinating information.

The word "avocado" descends linguistically from the ancient Nahuatl (a dialect of ancient Aztec) word ahuacatl, meaning "testicles."

When the Spaniards encountered the Aztec empire back in the 1500s, the locals were making a sauce called ahuaca-mulli, which means "avocado-mixture." The dish was prepared by mashing avocados, sometimes with tomatoes and onions. Sound familiar? Add a few hot peppers and a touch of cilantro, and you've got modern guac.

The Aztecs believed the avocado to be an aphrodisiac, they called the avocado tree ‘ahuacuatl’ which means ‘testicle tree’. The ancients thought the pear-shaped fruit hanging from the tree resembled (and I guess they weren’t too far off) testicles and believed that eating the fruit would make one potent and sexually stimulated. So on that date this week, throw out the dark chocolate and put down some avocado slices. :p


  1. simply gorgeous love the contrast of color! Lovely gesture!

  2. A very informative Post as usual..great click and hope you are enjoying..(how about the a bit late dear.)

  3. I love this very much Navita:)prefect entry for the blogger aid...

  4. LOL! Great list for foodies to keep in mind!

    Love the way you served the Guac in Avacado skin, looks yum. I love it with lightly salted Doritos. Enjoy! :)

  5. Love the picture of this delicious guacamole in the avocado skin - beautiful!

  6. Funny those observations n true too ..:P
    Lovely Gucamole..looks good evn tho am not a big fan..:)

  7. LOL!! i truly agree with everything listed in the "foddies face off" :D:D n the guacamole looks just perfect!! it seems so much at home in the avacado!

  8. Wow, this is so cute! I love avocado, it's one of my favorite things to eat.

  9. I love guacamole. Love the idea of presentation. check my blog for 2 wonderful awards.

  10. Wow! sounds simple & delicious too. Nice click...

  11. Good for you on your Blogger Aid entry - looks yum :)

  12. I love guac, and look how fabulously you presented it, did you know how talented you are?

  13. Beautiful picture...and a great effort :-)

  14. Looks terrific. I love how the guacamole looks in the avocado. NICE presentation. FUNNY list for foodies..

  15. thatz a lovely pic .. well guacamole is always a classic isnt

  16. Omg! I LOVE guacamole! If no one ever told me how fattening it was, I'd eat it by the bowl-full!

  17. Love, love, love avocados! Will you post your recipe for this dish some time later?

    Fun foodie "facts"! Must be pretty true because they apply to my family, and we're sort of foodies. :)

  18. Hola guapa!! una idea perfecta de presentación..besitos

  19. Great idea, never thought of serving guacamole in the avocado skin... sometimes the simplest ideas are effective.


  20. Love the pic navita! regarding the roses, check out, you'll find step by step instructions for making roses. Try making the fondant roses before royal icing or buttercream roses, the former are far easier to make. Drop in a mail if you need anything.

  21. what a great idea to serve the guacamole on the avocado skin!! delicious photography! yay

  22. I love you guacamole presentation! Great idea!

  23. Thats real cute presentation Navita. My 3 yr old is a big avacado fan, so i have to have avacado at home all the time, & scoops straight out of the skin!

  24. nice post and pics of the avocado- you're very creative in the kitchen & i like the historical backgrounds you give, too.

    feel free to visit my blog from one foodie to another...
    My Halal Kitchen at


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